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Meet Josh



“As Californians, we must and will repudiate the Trump agenda. We do so by protecting the coastline, reducing climate change, protecting immigrants who help power our economy, ensuring everyone has affordable healthcare, defending courageous women who come forward to assert their dignity, passing meaningful gun control and helping to create affordable housing. As your State Senator, I will help make those changes and much more. Your support means so much to me.”

– Josh Becker for California State Senate, District 13

Housing Policies for Sustainable Communities

House Frames

Californians embrace diversity. But that diversity is threatened by our shortage of housing that a diverse population can afford. When a city creates jobs, it has to create housing for people filling those jobs at the same time. Local control has to include local responsibility for the region we all share.

Reducing Our Choking Traffic

Bird's eye view of a highway

We must be more aggressive and ambitious in solving our choking traffic problems. Both San Mateo County and Santa Clara County have taken important steps by approving new funding sources to create additional road, transit and traffic solutions. But we can and must do more at both the State and local levels. 

Public/private efforts are underway to create Dumbarton Rail and get cars off the streets and roads near the Dumbarton Bridge. We need a permanent source of funding for CalTrain to quickly double ridership from its current 65,000 and increase it fourfold in the near decade. Creating new housing near transit stations is important. I support an aggressive expansion of “ebikes” to connect commuters with bike options to mass transit hubs like CalTrain and VTA light rail. More can and will be done – it has to get done.

Climate Crusader

For 20 years, I have been doing very real things on renewables and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. I co-founded “Cleantech for Obama.” In the State Senate I will move cap and trade money into more public mass transit. We can reduce traffic and carbon emissions at the same time. I will work with local cities along the coast and bayside to address sea level rise. I am leading efforts to make new building “zero net energy.”

Foggy Forest

Healthcare For All

Doctor's Visit

When FDR established Social Security it only covered half of the American people. Five Presidents expanded it to what we have today. I understand that healthcare for all will take time, but we can get there as long as we remain true to the goal. I want MediCal for California immigrants who have been barred from accessing Obamacare—now.

End Tech “Bro” Culture

Leather Briefcase

We must not allow women to be harassed or treated as 2nd class citizens anywhere, especially in the workplace. And our pension funds should not invest companies that allow that to happen. I’m an Advisor to the Board List to get more women on Corporate Boards and supporter of programs like Hackbright and Girls Who Code to get more women and girls into STEM careers.

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